The Province of Gelderland wants all visitors of its websites to be able to easily read and use the content and information. For this reason, we constantly work on improving the accessibility. Together we are working on a digi-accessible Gelderland!
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Our objective is that websites, internal digital systems and mobile applications are accessible to as many people as possible despite any limitations or preferences. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

• the web pages and their layout are structured in such a way that as many people as possible understand the content;
• the websites can be accessed from any desktop, tablet or smart phone and therefore also by people with adjusted devices;

The guidelines for accessibility aim at making websites and systems perceivable, operable, understandable and robust for all users. This way, information and services are just as useful for people with and without any functional disability.

Measures and actions

Various measures have already been taken to increase and secure the digital accessibility. The state of affairs concerning websites and applications has been inventoried to gain insight into accessibility levels. This has led to an impact analysis and improvement plan.

Furthermore, we constantly work on a number of tasks, including:

• research into the accessibility of websites by an independent party;
•  automated tests of the accessibility levels with the help of tooling;
• all content is tested on accessibility by our editorial team before publication;
• internal awareness sessions for our employees;
• internal ‘accessible documents’  training for our employees;
• from October 2017 as many as possible new PDF documents comply with the accessibility guidelines.

Accessibility statements

It is our aim that each website or application of the Province of Gelderland contains an accessibility statement. This declaration describes the level of accessibility and any required measures.

Below you find an overview of the accessibility statements:

If you have any questions or if you require additional information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.