International European Entrepreneurial Region Conference

EER Industry Tour

Session Thursday 23 May 11:00 hour - 15:00 hour

The smart and clean Gelderland Industry is not just about technical innovations and circular economy but especially about how businesses can deploy that technology to benefit their business model and continuity. When innovating products, services and processes, it is important that entrepreneurs make the right choices and dispose of the talents to assist them in the execution and implementation phase. In the Province of Gelderland, entrepreneurs, the authorities and education institutes are working closely together to tackle these challenges in a structured manner. We have developed (‘built’) an ecosystem where all expertise of the parties involved is bundled to realise these targets. BOOST Smart Industry East is the network in which the total innovative ecosystem is leveraged. 

In this track we will show you how businesses cooperate. As a practical example we will visit the company Interface in Scherpenzeel where CSR Director Geanne van Arkel will present their interesting transition from traditional business to sustainable future-proof company. After the tour we will discuss on five theme tables about how Gelderland embraces this ecosystem and uses it to create a basis for a smart, clean and socially-responsible industry of tomorrow. 

Time   Description
10.30   Arrival at the Awarahouse of Interface
10.45   Welcome and company presentation by Geanne van Arkel CRS director of Interface

Expedition and factory tour, production and design departments of Interface

12.15   Network lunch

Table talks; exchanging ideas “Empowering sustainability in the industry”

14.00   Coffee break
14.30   Wrap up “Ideas and call to action” table talks
15.00   Departure back to Papendal

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