International European Entrepreneurial Region Conference

EER Health Tour

Session Thursday 23 May 11:00 hour - 15:00 hour

This inspiring Health Tour brings you in the morning to Novio Tech Campus (NTC) in Nijmegen (the Netherlands). Here knowledge, business and innovation come together. The campus offers state-of-the-art research infrastructure and accommodation for entrepreneurs and researchers in the Life Sciences, Health and High Tech sectors. This is also the beating heart of Health Valley. Health Valley fosters and supports technological innovations in healthcare.

The network spans the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. Approximately 600 knowledge institutes and companies in this region work in various areas of the healthcare industry. It provides a unifying platform for universities, care institutes, companies and governmental authorities to exchange information and collaborate in setting up innovative projects. This platform improves healthcare and creates an enormous economic stimulus. One of the key players in the region is Oost NL. This agency focuses its activities and projects on strengthening and stimulating the economy of the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. Oost NL assists international companies with business location, expansion and relocation services free of charge.

During this programme you will become inspired about these themes: 

  • Gain more information about the ecosystem in this area: Health Valley, NTC and Oost NL and a successful, international showcase: Parkinsonnet
  • Be inspired during a walking lunch where you’ll meet and greet with different health companies from this campus and the region.
  • Join a round-table and become inspired or learn how to build a network, acquire funding for your product or idea, learn how to validate knowledge and implement your innovation in the healthcare system. 
Time   Description
10.45   Reception participants on Novio Tech Campus, Nijmegen
11.00   Welcome in builing M
11.05   The health ecosystem of Gelderland
11.40   Spinoff Health: Parkinsonnet
12.00   Rockstart Digital Health
12.15   Meet & Greet lunch with health entrepreneurs
13.00   Roundtables
13.45   Wrap up
14.00   Return to Papendal

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