International European Entrepreneurial Region Conference

EER Energy Tour

Session Thursday 23 May 10:30 hour - 15:00 hour

Welcome at Industrial Park Kleefse Waard (IPKW): award-winning business park that accommodates, facilitates and connects sustainable energy-related businesses. You just stepped out of the time machine and have arrived in ‘The Future of us’. A remarkable festival where innovative parties present their ideas and developments. The festival theme is Energy and Climate. For we are in the middle of the energy transition and are carefully moving towards a circular economy but... what are the actual developments? Kiemt and IPKW have organised ‘The Future of us’ to take a good look around us at all the great developments and to get a glimpse of the future. And maybe that future is NOW.

We welcome you to the following programme:

Time   Description
10.30   Reception EER participants on IPKW
10.50   Word of welcome by Bart Huydts / Luc Kikkert
11.00   Presentations: Kiemt - Luc Kikkert, IPKW - Kevin Rijke, Ecosystem - Bart Huydts
11.45   Tour of innovation & energy (in 3 groups)
12.30   Lunch break at the Inspiration Square
13.15   Masterquiz in the Energy Cafe
14.00   Keynote speaker Ruud Koornsta
15.00   Return to Papendal

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